Lost Pet

If you have lost a pet and live in or around St. John, always call the St. John City Hall to see if we've picked it up (314-427-8700, ext. 3). Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We don't have facilities here to house the pets overnight so if we are unable to locate the owner of a lost pet quickly, our pets are taken to the St. Louis County Animal facility on Bauer Road.
Go to the Lost Pets website.

Steps to Locate Owner

One way for us to locate an owner is the St. John Animal License and/or the St. Louis County Rabies vaccination tag. It is important for pets to have these tags on all the time since you never know when they might get away from you. Even if your pet is always in the house (which many cat owners tell us) there can always be that "first time" that the door is opened and for whatever reason the pet was spooked and ran out. We've even had that with dogs as well. Is it worth the risk? Another way is if your pet is micro chipped. Be sure to update their records if you adopt a pet from someone that has already been chipped. If you don't, then contacting you as the current owner is not always an easy task.

90% of lost, stray and unwanted pets in the St. Louis area end up at one of the above three agencies. So if your pet is missing, there is a very good chance they could be at one of these shelters by visiting the STL Lost Pets website that will provide you with links to:
  1. Lists of found dogs and cats (which are updated hourly)
  2. Alert their shelters that your pet is missing
  3. Report finding a lost or stray pet

Persistence is Key

Always remember to check back often and don't give up! Even if you don't find them right away. The more you search, the greater your chances are of finding your pet. Just think of the times you have heard the new report about missing pets turning up weeks, months or even years later. It does happen