Traffic Management Program

Prioritizing Traffic Safety & Positive Results

Conditions of residential streets can greatly affect neighborhood livability. When our streets are safe and pleasant, the quality of life is enhanced. When traffic problems become a daily occurrence, our sense of community and personal well being are threatened. As the population of the area continues to grow, major roadways and intersections become more congested. As motorists resort to the use of residential roadways to bypass congested areas, speeding and cut through traffic may occur through neighborhoods. This often results in neighborhood residents expressing their concern to the City about the overall operation of the roadway system in their neighborhood.

Resident Input

The City of St. John has implemented a Traffic Management Program to address the local street/residential roadway related traffic concerns of our residents, in addition to the major thoroughfares throughout the City. Under this program, staff will work with residents to identify traffic problems in their neighborhoods and create a neighborhood traffic plan that consists of solutions that are acceptable and appropriate. The program will also address issues relating to major streets and intersections. A Traffic Management Program will be another part of the City's commitment to the safety and livability of residential neighborhoods, as well as address safety concerns on the major streets and intersections.

Improving Connections, Technology

To address the issues of speeding, violating traffic control devices and cut-through traffic, municipalities across the country are turning to "traffic management." The purpose of traffic management is to preserve or restore the planned intent of the roadway. In the context of local neighborhoods, streets are intended to provide access to properties and not to provide high-speed connections between collector and arterial roadways. With respect to the major roadways, technology and enforcement programs are implemented to make the roadways as safe as possible for motorists and pedestrians.

One of the components of an overall traffic management program, the City of St. John's program provides information on the different types of treatments that may be used in a neighborhood traffic plan and the methodology that will be used to evaluate requests for traffic concerns. Traffic management treatments such as selective radar enforcement, a radar trailer and "speed measuring tubes" for on-site studies, modified intersections or a combination of all treatments can restore a sense of livability to neighborhood streets that are not operating within the intent upon which they were planned.

City Traffic Management Team (CTMT)

The City Traffic Management Team (CTMT), which will address traffic management issues and create neighborhood traffic plans, was assembled to develop solutions to traffic-related problems in St. John neighborhoods. Team membership includes: the City Manager (Team Leader), representatives from the Police Department, appropriate Fire District, and the Public Works Director. When a problem is identified, this document outlines the policy to be used.

It is important to note that throughout the process, interaction between City staff members/representatives and the public is essential. It is also noted that requests are also reviewed by the City Traffic Management Team (CTMT) for other possible solutions. If the preliminary review shows that a hazard to the public exists, the City may address the problem separately from the Traffic Management Manual. The City Manager may install traffic devices without requiring a formal traffic management request, in accordance with the authority granted under section 310.010 of the Municipal Code of the City of St. John.

Team Solutions

In addition to engineering solutions, many traffic problems should and must be addressed through traffic regulation enforcement. The St. John Police Department's Traffic Management Team (PDTMT) addresses the local street/residential roadway related traffic concerns of residents and provides information on the different types of enforcement techniques that may be used in a neighborhood traffic plan and the methodology to be used to evaluate the problems identified. The team provides traffic management treatments, such as selective use of speed radar, monitoring of high accident locations and directive patrol of problem locations. The team works with other city departments to address traffic issues and create neighborhood traffic plans, develop solutions to traffic-related problems in city neighborhoods and on major public thoroughfares.

The manual contains all the information you need to request traffic management devices for your neighborhood.

Please download and complete the program application (PDF), and submit the application package to the following location:
City of St. John
Office of the City Manager
8944 St. Charles Rock Road
St. John, MO 63114

Please put Attention: Traffic Management Team.