Sewer Lateral Program

In 1999, the St. John City Council voted to pass the sewer lateral program whereby a fund is created from a $28 per household annual assessment which is dedicated to the repairs of defective sewer laterals.

An application is available at St. John City Hall. Residents interested in seeking reimbursement for a sewer lateral repair should submit this application, filled out and accompanied by a CD that clearly identifies the problem. The nature of the problem must meet the guidelines established by the City Council in order to qualify for reimbursement.


The sewer lateral fund will reimburse 100% of the cost to repair a sewer lateral line that meets the following guidelines:
  1. The line is crushed, collapsed, or broken to the extent that adequate flow in not permitted.
  2. There is a severe offset of a joint in the line that does not permit adequate flow.
  3. There is a severe back fall or negative slope that does not permit adequate flow.
  4. There is a severe blockage that cannot be physically cleaned out.
  5. There is damage or a break in the line that creates a hazardous condition (e.g., a sinkhole).
  6. Is choked up with roots such that there is no flow in the line.
The sewer lateral fund will not reimburse for cleaning, rodding, or augering out blockages as this is considered to be normal, routine maintenance. The fund will reimburse 100% of the cost of a diagnostic CD or DVD however. Where possible we are trying to avoid making spot repairs and will try to replace the entire line from the transition at the foundation to the sidewalk or curb. We are trying to avoid making a cut in the street if possible. However, if the problem is under the street, the fund will reimburse for that repair too.